About Us


I started Taylor Hall Jewelry as a way to share my passion for estate jewelry and to showcase the pieces I think can be worn by the modern woman. Every time I wear a piece of my grandmothers jewelry, I get at least one comment or question about it. In the current day of mass produced, fast fashion clothing and jewelry, I am hoping to show some fellow jewelry enthusiasts that older jewelry can be worn in current ways.

A lot of these pieces would have been melted down for their metal value and taken apart for their stones if I hadn’t thought they could find a new home, and live a new life, with one of the patrons of this site. Jewelry is usually given as a gift of love, a celebration, a milestone. I want these pieces to continue to bring beauty and happiness to the lives of their new owners, just as they did for their original owners!


I love jewelry, I love all jewelry. I really love estate jewelry because of the history that each piece holds. After college, I worked for several years in the corporate world before taking the stereotypical millennial leap and changing careers to something slightly less traditional. Currently, I work as a manager in a fine jewelry store in Austin, Texas, where I get to play with diamonds and gold every day. When I’m not in the store, I am studying for my Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America, spending time in my home studio where I create jewelry of my own, or working on finding pieces to showcase for Taylor Hall Jewelry.

I love educating people about jewelry, and this store is a way to share what I know and love with you. I’m so happy you’re here.

Happy hunting!

Alexandra de Marigny, GIA Graduate Diamonds