What is the cost of a jewelry appraisal?

The cost of jewelry appraisals can vary by the type of appraisal you're looking to receive, and the market where you live. 

One thing I'd like to note before I go into the costs of my appraisals is what an appraisal should not cost. An appraisal should not cost a percentage of the appraised value - this structure presents a conflict of interest for the appraiser since the more they appraise the piece for, the more they can charge. If you run into an appraiser who is charging a percentage of the value they find as the cost of the appraisal, I recommend finding a different appraiser.  

Insurance Appraisals

For a formal insurance appraisal, the cost for a Taylor Hall Jewelry appraisal is $175 for the first piece, and $115 for each additional piece, with earrings counting as a single piece. 

Fair Market Value Appraisals

Generally, for a formal fair market value appraisal that requires market comps, the cost is $195 for the first piece and $135 for each additional piece. However, this is subject to inspection of the pieces and discussion about the specific needs of the court. There are often times where the cost will be less if the jewelry is lower value and comps are not required, or higher if the piece is extremely high value. Please call me to discuss your individual needs. 

Verbal Evaluations

I charge $100/hour to inspect, identify and verbally go over the qualities of any piece of jewelry for you, or if you inherited a shoebox of grandmothers jewelry, I can help you sort it out. This rate is prorated, so if it only takes 15 minutes, it's $25, etc. 


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